Panel: Is there Science in Visualization?

The field of visualization is at a crossroads. Advances in computer graphics technology and computing power have enabled the development of visualization techniques that have had a positive impact on medicine, computational science, bioinformatics, and finance. However, this focus on transitional efforts has not sufficiently addressed the basic science needed to create universal, validated principles on which to ground future visualization efforts. Without such principles, visualization risks becoming a niche or service field concerned only with iterative refinement of new and existing methods. Rigorous study of the science behind visualization systems could enrich existing efforts and suggest novel applications based upon predictive theories. With several recent calls to investigate visualization principles, now is the time to consider what is a science of visualization.
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T.J. Jankun-Kelly, Robert Kosara, Gordon Kindlmann, Chris North, Colin Ware, E. Wes Bethel,
Panel: Is there Science in Visualization?
IEEE Visualization Conference Compendium, pp. 68–71, 2006.
Best Panel Award