Invited Talks


  • Storytelling in the Age of Data, webinar for DataScienceCentral, January 2014


  • An Overview of Visualization Research and Storytelling, talk at Congressional Budget Office, December 2013
  • An Overview of Visualization Research and Storytelling, talk at U.S. Census Bureau, December 2013
  • An Overview of Visualization Research and Storytelling, talk at D.C. DataVis meetup, December 2013
  • Telling Stories with Data: Some Ideas, Approaches, and Tools, keynote at Data Visualization and Journalism, San Francisco, CA, September 2013
  • Mit Bildern Daten vermitteln, keynote at unveiling of GEDViz, Berlin, Germany, July 2013
  • The Art and Craft of Data Visualization, invited talk at Travel and Tourism Research Association Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO, June 2013
  • How To Tell A Story With and About Data, invited talk at Vienna University of Technology Institute of Computer Graphics, Vienna, Austria, May 2013
  • D3 vs. Tableau, panel with Amanda Cox at NICAR, Louisville, KY, March 2013
  • Storytelling in the Age of Data, keynote at Tapestry 2013, Nashville, TN, February 2013
  • Storytelling with Data Visualization: Platforms vs. Craft, conversation with Alberto Cairo at Computation + Journalism Symposium, Atlanta, GA, February 2013


  • Making A Point And Informing People with Data and Visualization, invited talk at University of Victoria, June 2012
  • Managing Uncertainty In Visualization, invited talk at EuroVis Workshop on Reproducibility, Verification, and Validation in Visualization (EuroRVVV), June 2012
  • Graphics That Inform: Beyond the Static Infographic, invited talk at Malofiej 20, Pamplona, Spain, March 2012
  • From Analysis to Communication: The Future of Visualization is Storytelling, invited talk at TU Graz, March 2012
  • How to Engage the Public with Data: Visualization Does Not Have to Be Boring, invited talk at Simon Fraser University, February 2012


  • Your Brain and You, invited session at Tableau Software Customer Conference, October 2011
  • Visualization Primitives, invited talk at Tableau Software, August 2011


  • Challenges in Information Visualization, keynote talk at NIPS 2010 workshop Challenges of Data Visualization, December 2010
  • A Bit of Science for Information Visualization, invited talk in the Visualization Friday Forum at Duke University, November 2010 Watch video
  • Visual Metaphors and Structure in Visualization, keynote at Summer School Visualizations of Space: Concepts – Methods – Media, Ebernburg, Germany, September 2010
  • Visualization and Metaphors, presentation at TEDxCharlotte, September 2010 Watch video
  • Invited panelist for Visual Analytics Everywhere, a panel at the Visual Analytics Consortium Meeting, August 2010 Watch video


  • Embedding Information Visualization in Visual Communication, Arizona State University, February 2009